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Poetry, Psychology, & Society
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One of my friends used the word morose to describe me and she was dead serious about it. That was in 2017 on a cold winter day and we were walking alongside a stream in the woods where we used to go.

I might have been depressed then. Who knows…

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Early interpersonal trauma can change our emotional world in lasting ways that make adult relationships difficult to navigate. Becoming aware of our patterns is a vital first step in beginning to heal both ourselves and our relationships.

So here are some ways trauma might still be affecting your relationships:

  1. It…

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Let me start by saying two important things, that were said by other people. First: “Katarina, if you never ask, you’ll never get”. Second: “fierce independence is a trauma response”.

Some of us as children learn to minimize our neediness so as to not be a burden to our parents…

Reflections on childhood trauma and the process of healing

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The only article I wrote on childhood trauma had an increase in readings during the holidays. I was curious. I went into stats and found that the most reads were on the 26th of December — the day after everyone connects with their family.

Most people have at least some…

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My heart is already broken
even before you can break it
that is why I have no fear
when reaching towards love

Since I was about fourteen years old it started dawning on me that human affection and regard are unreliable. I set out with so much faith and I…

How I would like you to feel

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I want you to feel as if the stars have come closer
that you might just be able to steal one
to take home with you in your pocket

I want you to feel that the moon is a little brighter
that it might be pulling you
a little closer

Becoming myself: a personal exploration of gender

Photo of Author by Suba T

When I first read Gender Trouble by the feminist philosopher Judith Butler and came across the concept of “performativity”, I felt years of oppressive aloneness fall away. I felt that someone described what I have been trying to put into words for a lifetime. I felt validated.

But this is…

Tima Loku

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